Rice Field

Rice Field is an installation in Beijing Biennale 2010 designed by network collaboration between Spain/Mexico/UK and China. The initial design idea comes from bringing together the image of rice field – a special artificial landscape both quite popular in Spain and China.

The designers work closely with two major ceramic company Saloni and Alcalaten from Spain, developed a special ceramic panel with fabric layer inside, which can reach over 3 meters cantilever with only 6mm thickness.

The installation is pre-fabricated in Spain and assembled in Beijing,  and became a stage for fashion show in the opening ceremony of Beijing Biennale 2010.

Project: Rice Field_ABB 2010 Installation

Design Team: Andes Arias Madrid, Paulo E. Flores, Feng Xu, Jose Ramon Tramoyeres, David Carceller, Clara Camarasa, Javier Ibañez, Javier Hernandez, Miguel Rus.

Construction Coordination: Huang  Weixin

Ceramics: Tiles of Spain

Ceramic Panel: SALONI


Base Construction and site installation: Beijing Weike Century Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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