Urban Guerilla

The design for the Urban Guerrilla installation comes as a network collaboration between Spain/Mexico/UK and China taking on the inherent challenge in which Digital Architecture was born is that it has to be build. For most part of the 90’s in the architectural avant-garde the Digital/electronic domain was detach from the mechanical/material one. They were understood almost as different eras, a before and after. It is crucial to understand that the digital/electronic era was born to understand better the mechanical/material world, in other words the digital was created to analyse and control the complexities in the world in which we live.

The installation is located on the façade of the School for Valencia’s Architects on one of the busiest streets in the centre of Valencia. The installation forms part of an ongoing exhibition inside the building called “Back to Nature” that addresses emerging digital architecture and its material process and production.

The singularity of the site is that the building sets back from the block front generating a corner shape void on the street. This installation uses this residual space by saturating it. The geometry is almost flying around the elements that conforms the façade, creating tension between the heavy elements of the context and a fluid form. The surface tessellation and shinny finish creates a light effect that makes the corner lighter and smoother, changing the scale of the building to a more human scale.

Valencia’s territory had long and lasting tradition on ceramics fabrication. For this installation we had worked closely with “decorativa” one of the leading Spanish ceramics makers to develop a new application for their product. The fabricators engaged in a productive workflow in which we provide digital analysis and control of complex geometry and they provided their knowledge and craft expertise to create a bespoke material. Today’s mechanical + electronic control offers a great opportunity to develop and re-invent traditional materials in the search for innovation.

Project:  Urban Guerilla (Valencia, Spain 2009)

Design team: José Ramón Tramoyeres (Spain), Andrés Arias (Mexico), Paulo Flores (Mexico), Carlos Piles  (Spain),  Feng Xu (China)


Substructure: GRID

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