Hotan Masterplan Research

The project is located in Hetian, Xinjiang Province, where 99.6% of population are Uyghur.  The 1.6 sqkm masterplan is for the new developing town Bageqi, although the site is quite close to gobi, annual amount of precipitation is below 40mm, it has many canals and even a big wetland to the east.

The strategy of the masterpan is to maintain the connectivity of the canals system  and use canals as main urban input to drive the zoning where canals give a subdivision logic, also guiding the land use, green space, and circulation.

The research  look at the city as a time-based system, where not aiming for a fix result, rather, a series of  output response to different future conditions.

Project: Hotan Masterplan

Location: Hotan County, Xinjiang Province, China

Year: 2012.5-2012.10

Team: Xu Feng, Nikolaus Wabnitz, Ma Zhao, Bao Yingnan

Collaboration: CASS_UP

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