BUCG Headquarter Office

BUCG ( Beijing Urban Construction Group ) Headquarter Office is located in Xuyuan South Road, it’s a 60meter high, 80,000sqm tower. The concept is from traditional Chinese “Luban Lock” as conceptual tectonic prototype. Then we divide the whole volumn into three parts: two solid parts and one void part – atrium- are interlocking together to form a whole. The width and depth of the horizontal louvres are adapt to the shading requirements from the internal programs, which create a continuous differatiation across the whole facade. It’s a winning entry from over 30 schemes of a competition organised by BUCG in 2013.







Client: BUCG-Beijing Urban Construction Group

Design Team: Feng Xu, Nikolaus Wabnitz, Qu Pingshan, Yuchen Zhu, Wei Xiwen, Yang Shilun, Wang Lichun

Year: 2013.5-2013.8

Status: Competition winning entry. Schematic Design

Collaboration with BUCG Design Institute


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