LCD Pavilion

LCD Pavilion @Dashilar, Beijing Design Week 2013

As Autumn Leaves

‘As Autumn Leaves’ is a spatial installation designed by students of LCD:Laboratory for Computational Design for Beijing Design Week 2013.  Located in a historic hutong district in Beijing, ’AAL’ highlights the existing entrance to Dashilar Factory where emerging creatives exhibit their design.   As temperatures change, Autumn turns to Winter, and trees shed their leaves, ‘AAL’ recalls the passage of time through changing seasons.

Students began by studying geometric growth patterns and geometries related to natural logics and materials.  Tutors encouraged students to investigate variation and adaptability within their systems. ‘AAL’ used parametric design tools that not only define systemic and formal languages but catalogue and locate components for ease of assembly.  Individual components were digitally fabricated using laser cut acrylic and pre-assembled into ‘families’, then aggregated on site.  Tensioning of the acrylic ‘Leaves’ through bending, inherent to the material, solidified structural integrity.  Designers used physics based modeling programs to generate and evaluate wind and gravitational forces in their installations.  By hybridizing material and spatial research with advanced structural calculations ‘As Autumn Leaves’ float above, around, and through existing spaces.

Although assembled by LCD tutors and students in a minimal 6 hours, dismantling and responsible re-use took top priority, distributing ‘Leaves’ to students and professionals for re-appropriation and future projects.

秋叶 As Autumn Leaves


学生最开始是研究几何增长图案,这些几何形态是基于自然逻辑和材料特性的。老师鼓励学生探索他们发展的系统的变化与适应性 。AAL不仅仅是使用参数化工具建立系统和形式语言,同时还编组,定位每一个小单元,让他们能方便的组装起来。每一个单元先是用激光切割机雕刻出来,然后被组装成几个小部分,最后在基地上连接起来。由于材料本身的特性,通过弯曲让每一片亚克力叶子被压紧,从而使整体结构达到稳定。设计者通过物理模型试验模拟和评估装置中的风力和重力作用。经过材料,空间研究和结构计算,AAL就从场地中呈现了出来。











Material:White PVC Board


Design and Constructed by LCD tutors and students, 

Tutors:Xu Feng, Raymond Lau, Nikolaus Wabnitz, Daniel Gillen, Liu Yanchuan, Tong Xiaowei, Nicola Saladino, Federico Ruberto

Students:Wang Siming, Yuan Hang, Lu Yiting, Ding Wenzhe, Liu Yuxuan, Zhang Long, Hao Jiaqi

Sponsored by Benzmodel China

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