Hefei Commercial Complex

The Hefei Commercial complex is including a 127 meter office tower with a 6 stories shopping mall in its podium which connect directly to the tube station underneath. A 9 story-atrium brings the nature light to the shopping mall also enhance the spatial relationship from the shopping mall to the office tower. A series of stacking terraces are created on the south of the building in order to reduce the depth of the building and bring more public activities on top of them. The diagonal grid of the facade pattern is creating a continuous differentiation which is linking to shading requirements and programs inside.




HEFEI_ 004_options


Client: Anhui Leqing Business Investment Group

Year: 2013. 6-2013.7

Status: Schematic Design

Team: Feng Xu, Nikolaus Wabnitz, Qu Pingshan, Yang Shilun, Yan Menxia

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