Dashilar Bookstore

Family History Streams

——Bookstore Renovation, Beijing Design Week Pilot Project

A pharmacy shop in the past, a bookstore currently, the urban program transformation in this place has been seen as history of a over 400 years family, and a record of social-political change in the last 60 years in Beijing. This particular architecture is a time machine rather than a single space. In order to reveal the time changing there, we are actually minimalising the design, break the design into small pieces of time elements, which can be assembling, departing, dissolving into a series of overlapping exhibition installations, so called: Family History Streams.








Project Name: Dashilar Bookstore

Design Team: Feng Xu, Niklaus Wabnitz, Wang Lichun, Dai Anqi

Location: No.2 YMZ Hutong, Dashilar

Client: Beijing Design Week 2013, Guang An Group


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