Xunliao Bay Masterplan

Xuliao Bay is near Shenzhen and Hong Kong, about 2 hours by car. The site is a hilly land where has a traditional village on the foot of the hill, also a lot of trees and rocks need to be preserved. The design starts from site investigation which analysing the slop, rain water draining, view, and wind etc.., by doing these, we are able to allocate the plots which fit for all the design criteria, further on to distribute different programs for example 300 villas, a 100-room holiday hotel, a shopping street connecting to the village, and a tea house.




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Project: Xunliao Bay Masterplan
Client: Wutong Zizai Investment Co. Ltd.
Location: Xunliao Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong Province
Date: 2013.11-2014.2
Status: Masterplan
Design Team: Feng Xu, Wang Siming, Wei Xiwen, Yang Shilun
Collaboration: Cass_UP


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