Shilin Sanqi Hotel

The hotel is located by the famous stone forest – Yunnan Shilin World Geological Park. The concept is integrate the hotel into the landscape to minimise the influence  on the Park. The three stories hotel has 55 rooms, covered with green roof, where allows daylight and solar radiation to penetrate deeply into the building. The aim of this feature is that the building receives natural sunlight throughout the year. The courtyards also create chimney effects, which allow naturally and passively ventilate the building premises in summer. Completed by rainwater harvesting, both natural and controlled ventilation, the building will achieve LEED gold certification.



Hotel_1_20150311_Roofout.30_Web Hotel_1_20150311_Roofout.34_web Hotel_201504-r1.26_web Hotel_201504-r1.27_web


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