Guan Civic Center Site

The overall formation is triggered by two streams of crowd movements in which all the building  elements are charged by a vector field to create a unique fluid space for varies public activities. The curved roof is designed to incorporate with different sports activities suck as bicycle, skateboarding, roller-skating, etc.., then further extend to green landscape to bring more public activities into the area. Also the sky-roof and night lighting design are following the overall movement to enhance the place to be a centre for citizen life.


Client: Guan Government, Heibei Province
Stage: Built
Materplanning: Cass_up
Civil Engineer: BIAD
Interior Design: Beijing Institute of Residential Design and Research
Date: 2013.11-2014.2
Area: 30000 sqm

Design Team: Feng Xu, Wang Siming, Wei Xiwen, Zhao Zirong, Guo Shenzhen, Hao Jiaqi, Yan Menxia
Landscape Architects: Cass UP

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